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Deadstock Island



In my short film: Deadstock Island I take you on a journey through the world of the living garments.

This project rooted from my frustrations with the very polluting fashion industry, and the way in which fashion nowadays is often treated as disposable. 

I believe every piece of clothing has a soul. The numerous hands and processes it went through during the production process of a garment already take care of this.  Deadstock Island is the result of questioning my own, and other consumers' relationships to clothing. And how we can change the way we care for the things we already have.

By transforming clothes into sentient beings via wearable installations that turn them into puppets and make them move, I hope to engage you in the Emotional world of garments. The purpose of feeling empathy for garments Is to establish deeper and more meaningful connections with them, and with this film I hope to offer you the chance to feel this connection as well.

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